Not everyone is your best friend

I feel like I need to start including when my topic ideas hit me…just so you guys get a better idea of how things work inside my head. Brace yourself, it might get a little weird! Just kidding…well maybe.

So you know those big rolls of ground beef you can but at good ole Walmart? Well today I went grocery shopping and picked one of those big boys up. I portion out meat into Ziploc baggies and then freeze it so I can pull out a potion size down the road to cook with. Any-who,this reminded me of one of my childhood besties! She was coming to visit me, and as always I was running late…I’m the biggest procrastinator ever. I was just getting home from the grocery store as she was pulling up to my house. Bless her soul, without being asked she helped me unload and put all my groceries away! As if that wasn’t enough, she packaged up my ground beef roll too! That’s true friendship right there. She also has an awesome memory, so I know as she reads this she’s cracking up!


I’ve had a lot of “best friends” over the years. I remember one of my exes telling me, “everyone is your best friend so how am I supposed to know who you are talking about?”. Years down the road, and I’m just now getting what he meant. Just like you go through seasons in your life, you are going to have seasonal friend. It’s the ugly truth. You may have had the best of memories with your work bestie but once you no longer worked there, I guarantee you went your separate ways. Even though you still have each other on Facebook and like each other’s post, maybe even comment on them, you’re not best friends.

Find your tribe, ladies! My friends come from all different walks of life…but we crossed each others paths for a reason and they are here to stay. I have my friends who I keep in touch with and we still get together but our lives have taken us in different directions. Even though we are long longer on the same path these friends will always have a special place in my heart. Then I have my tribe. These beautiful people are my everything! We may not physically talk constantly, because life happens but when we catch up we pick things up right where we left them. Heck, J and I go weeks without communicating but I mean he’s my brotha from anotha motha so he’s stuck with me(:

My point is, not every single friend you meet will be a constant in your life. Those who stick around regardless of circumstances, are the keepers. If you haven’t found your tribe yet don’t stress over it! Start by opening yourself up to making new friends! This is a huge step and it sure won’t be easy, but you can do it.

Tips for you: surround yourself with those who you share common interests with. If you’re looking to make new friends, get involved in your community! The easiest way to find your people is by growing with a community that you have a passion for. Check out a new church, explore new coffee shops, join a softball league-the options are endless. Be brave!

Truly Yours,


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