Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 6

How am I already through 6 weeks of training!? Like holy cow…I can’t wrap my head around that. Week 6 was super busy you guys. But as crazy as it sounds, I felt more balanced. It’s as if the more I add to my schedule the more organized I feel. Which is probably because it has required me to better plan out my days and literally enter my life into the calendar so I don’t forget to some something.

After I wrapped up Week 5 I was feeling extra motivated and confident that I had this training in the bag. My besite J and I went for a gym sesh on Sunday, which made my heart so happy. He has always been a beast when it comes to fitness! J could take 3 months off from the gym and with still come back to being able to run a 7 minute mile and walk 100 flights of stairs. I have no idea how he does it! We adventured around the gym and he showed me some awesome machines that I had never used before. If you guys go to Planet Fitness you need to go checkout the 12 minute Abs corner…it’s legit amazing! After our workout I was feeling pumped about my goals and we planned to workout more together.

Coming off that weekend feeling energized and ready to inspire-I reached out to my friends. I checked in with my friends that are amidst their own health journeys to see how things were going. I then made my move to get us all to the gym for a workout on Wednesday. Everyone seemed super pumped! When my alarm went off Wednesday morning I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Waking up to this feeling is all too familiar.

I don’t think I’ve shared this with you guys before, but I have been diagnosed with migraines and seizures. My history with migraines goes all the way back to when I was barely old enough to understand my body and what “being sick” actually meant. My grandma was constantly having to pick me up from school early because I was in so much pain that I was puking but I had no idea why it was happening. It was instinct to blame the pain on stomach issues because they are so prevalent in my family. Throughout my school years I eventually came out of the phase and only had the occasional headache. When I went to college those headaches came back but about 10 times worse. They then eventually spiraled into having blackouts and seizuresIMG_0054

I’m happy to say that I can’t remember the last seizure I had..praise the the Lord! I am also completely medicine free! My migraines like to come back occasionally when triggered by stress. Unfortunately that battle will probably continue the rest of my life. In order to best control my migraines I first have to be in control of my stress levels.  One of my main outlets is obviously writing. I write everything out that I’m feeling and it stops me from letting it all build up. Running is my other main outlet! If you’re a runner you’ll be able to relate. When I’m running I get the opportunity to think about everything and anything. It gives my body a chance to experience all of my emotions and literally leave it all on the treadmill. I push my body to the limits, giving myself the opportunity to essentially vent about life. I know that sounds kind of crazy but that’s how it works for me. People at the gym probably think I’m crazy when they look over and see me starring at the wall while smiling from ear to ear. The other day I was running and came to peace with a grudge I’ve been holding onto and my whole body was covered in goose bumps. Yes this all happens while I’m dripping sweat on a treadmill. Ya’ll are probably like, who in the heck is this crazy lady! Do what ya gotta do girl(: Running does it for me!

Truly Yours,


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