Right Here, Right Now

When I started my blog the goal was to keep consistent weekly posts. I saw it being a very important way to build trust with my readers. But I’ve come to realize a few things recently. My writing is most successful in the moment. I was able to create so much consistency at the beginning of my launch because I was writing way before my launch actually took place. I had about 10 pieces ready to publish or already in the making. Sharing what’s going on in my life right here and right now is the best way for me genuinely to connect with you guys. Having my weekly Illinois Half-Marathon posts was an awesome idea to really give you the ins and outs of how things went that week. But now that I have so many other events going on in life that I want to share. It’s hard to sit down and continue to talk about my training when I already have completed my race. You always have goals and plans set out for life but things come up and sometimes have to sit down and re-evaluate.

My blog posts aren’t going anywhere guys-I want to state that right off the bat. But I think that my original commitment to two posts a week- Monday and Thursday just isn’t working right now. Here’s what I want to commit to you:

  1. I’m going to keep writing
  2. I will be posting on a regular basis
  3. My posts will be genuine and share what’s going on in my life
  4. I will continue to share my raw journey in life

I’ll be posting polls on my Genuinely Jerica Facebook group as well as my Instagram to decide whether or not to write weeks 12-17 for my Illinois Half Training. So be sure to go LIKE my FB page and follow me on IG to participate and stay up to date on all things that are happening!

I want to talk to you guys about my papa. Over the past year things have been a roller-coaster in regards to his health. My papa is my grandma’s husband but not my mom’s dad. I believe one of my cousins started calling Russ Papa and it just kinda stuck. For me it fits him best because he’s always been more like a dad to me.

I wanted to take the time to share stories about my many memories with papa and why he means so much to me. You probably won’t believe this but I used to be a huge tomboy. I was most known for my days of spilling something on my shirt and turning it backwards or inside out and seeing it as good as new! When I wasn’t playing outside until my mom had to beg me to come in, you would find me with Papa. He literally knows everyone in town and was always trying to help anyone who needed it. His good buddy owned a resale shop in town so our adventures would include visits there while they both joked around and were ornery as can be. Papa’s friend would always tease me telling me I had freckles because a turkey farted on my face…it always cracked me up. We would also adventure to his other good buddy’s shop where I learned about welding and tractors. At the time it was super fascinating but today I couldn’t tell ya a thing about what I learned. I was more concerned with just being one of the guys and soaking up all the time I could with my papa. We were best buds. No one understands my love for cheese or eating onions like an apple better than papa.

As I got older and become more active in sports and events papa was there too. I loved Girl Scouts. Papa went to all of my daddy daughter dances. I’ll never forget the dance where he slid me in between his legs and twisted me in around in the air. After all the other girls saw our awesome trick they wanted in on the fun. Papa didn’t hesitate for a second and spent the next 10 minutes doing our trick with the other girls. Grandma and Papa have quite a few grandchildren but a handful of use lived in town so we got to spend the most time with them. My moms house is only two blocks from theirs so we were always together. I’m pretty sure papa started to teach us all to drive before we were even 10. Mind you I’m from a small farm community of about 800 people. I was able to have so many incredible childhood memories because of being raised in a laid back community. Papa would put me on his lap and I would get to steer the wheel-it was so much fun!

Our go-to lunch was heading up to Azz Izz in town. I would get a double order or mini tacos with sour cream and a Mt. Dew. Papa and grandma would usually get that days special with the salad bar and ice tea. On the weekends papa would sometimes change it up and get a cheeseburger. Tuesday nights were chicken night. That meant we were heading 10 mins south to the next town to my aunts bar. She made the BEST fried chicken guys. Chicken night was buffet style. You grabbed a sturdy paper plate and loaded your plate with chicken, green beans, rolls and potatoes! I’m over here drooling just thinking about it…

Once a month my grandma and papa had a booth at a flea market. My grandma is hands down the BEST cookie and candy maker. Her recipes are top secret that she’s never shared with anyone-they are pure gold. This flea market holds so many great memories for me! The building is a giant metal building that has all dirt floors. Barrel racing and horse shows are also held in this building I believe. There are rows and rows of vendors lined up and down the length of the building. You could find anything and everything for sale here. I would ride down in the station wagon with grandma and papa while we listened to classic country hits from a local radio station. The flea market was for the whole weekend once a month. Grandma and Papa would typically go Thursday to setup their booth. I would go on Saturday and spend the day in the booth with them. Papa would take me around the building and talk with all the fellow vendors while we scouted on any new goodies to pickup. When we came back with our arms full of good finds grandma shook her head at us but was never surprised. As I got older I would help out in the booth by getting change and selling grandams delicious treats. Papa would sometimes take me over to the next building where they held auctions. It was always super loud and I never understood a word those guys were saying….like why are all these people raising their hands-how do they know what they are even bidding on? My family would come hangout at the booth too and go do some shopping of their own. Any event was always a family get together for us because everyone has always been super close-it’s the best! As I got older and more into sports and working I stopped going with them. At that time my grandma’s hands weren’t the best any more and eventually she had to stop baking all together. They haven’t had their booth at the flea market for years but I am so glad that I will always have those awesome memories.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing all of these stories with you. Maybe it’s because I miss my adventures with papa or  because I know one day all I’ll have are these memories to hold onto. Either way-it feels good to talk about it all. I wrote a letter to my papa when he first got really sick and told him why he meant so much to me and about our memories together. His eyes aren’t functional anymore so the nurse had to read it to him. That day-that letter brought so much joy to us both. We are able to bond over our adventures and that’s something we’ll always have.

For right now I’m going to choose to live for today. To celebrate the life that I have and the people I get to share it with. Which also includes you! In the comments share with us what’s going on in your life that you want to talk about-it can be what you’re celebrating today or something you just want to let out. This is a place for anyone and everyone to feel comfortable and be themselves. You also can email me: jerica.e.williams@gmail.com I check my inbox on a regular basis and will respond to you(:

I love you guys! Thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you and share my story.

Truly Yours,


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