Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 9

We are almost in double digits for training...crazy! Shortly after launching my blog I decided that I wanted to share my journey to my first half. I had already started my training so when I’m sharing about my weeks of training I’ve actually already completed that week. Which is actually kinda cool because I get … Continue reading Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 9

Illinois Half-Marathon Training:Week 8

Ohh boy do I have lots to tell you guys!! It’s week 8 of training-aka I've officially committed to this journey for 2 WHOLE months!! Coming from the girl who never finishes anything, we are getting closer and closer to that being in my past!! All the exclamation marks in the world wouldn't be enough … Continue reading Illinois Half-Marathon Training:Week 8

Illinois Half Marathon Training- Week

Week 7 is officially in the books! This week I started a new journey to focus on my nutrition. Back in November after recognizing my food addiction, I was ready to build a better relationship food. Since then I set personal goals to accompany my new lifestyle. Those goals included losing extra stomach fat and … Continue reading Illinois Half Marathon Training- Week

Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 6

How am I already through 6 weeks of training!? Like holy cow...I can’t wrap my head around that. Week 6 was super busy you guys. But as crazy as it sounds, I felt more balanced. It’s as if the more I add to my schedule the more organized I feel. Which is probably because it … Continue reading Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 6

Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 5

Well I’m still here guys. This week was ugly! As in I was short on my miles by a long shot and the runs that I did get in were awful. Yuck…. But it goes hand in hand with how gross the weather was here. We experienced some history breaking temps in central Illinois. Chicago … Continue reading Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 5