Illinois Half-Marathon Training: Week 9

We are almost in double digits for training…crazy! Shortly after launching my blog I decided that I wanted to share my journey to my first half. I had already started my training so when I’m sharing about my weeks of training I’ve actually already completed that week. Which is actually kinda cool because I get to see how things have changed through the whole process! Per the training schedule I am following-this week I was to repeat Week 6. My body was NOT in the zone this week.

When I have off weeks I really wish I could tell you guys I knew exactly what the deal was in order to help you with your journey…but most of the time it’s a domino affect. I started the week off feeling pretty good since I ended Week 8 with a great run. My body was feeling that 8 miles though. I was at a battle when it came to Tuesday. I was pretty sore from my run but also knew I was at a point where missing one run could quickly spiral into missing multiple runs. I remember Tuesday morning snoozing my first alarm but telling myself I had a couple more set and I’d just sleep until my last alarm then get up. I don’t remember those other alarms ever going off..I totally overslept. Since I have to pack my bags the night before so I’m not running around the house like a chicken with her head cut off at 5am, the “walk of shame” to put my gym bag back in my bedroom always makes me feel bad. Clearly my body needed the extra rest because I felt refreshed! That night I got my gym bag back out and knew I was going to get my booty to the gym in the morning. When my alarms went off Wednesday-all 6 of them- I hopped out of bed and was ready to get in my miles. My Wednesday run was a nice 3 mile jog, at turtle pace of course(:

The rest of the week was rough….real rough. Maybe it was from working a lot, or getting prepped for my first boot-camp, the non stop migraines, or the random stomach aches…probably all of the above but doing my runs was the last of my concern. I felt like crap and wasn’t in the right place to have successful training. After a long week my training buddy and I were able to meet up on Sunday to run together. We totally motivate each other so I was excited to finally have a good run. My body clearly had other plans. Before even stepping on the treadmill I had already been complaining about my stomach aches and migraines. Which it was nice to vent to my friend about my tough week but it totally got in my head and then that’s all I could think about. I was obsessing about having to stop to run to go to the bathroom and just waiting for the moment when I would be hit with a migraine. I think I made it about 1.5 miles when I had to stop. After going to the bathroom, drinking water, trying to refocus with relaxing music…I tried to start running again. During this whole time my friend was killing her run! I was so stinkin proud of her. I kept wishing that I could just push through and keep running because I knew I needed to do 8 miles. I made it to 4 miles and was done.

What I can say looking back at that week, is that it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Just as when you wake up in the morning, not sure what is ahead of you for the day, but if you start with a positive outlook you’re more likely to be successful…same goes for a run. Before I started my run I had already established a negative mindset. Once I let that anxiety in, I poured some gas on it and let it overtake me. When I do my morning devotionals now, I do my best to pour out all of my insecurities and emotions. This way I can give it up to God before I start my day and not let things weigh me down. After I’ve opened my heart to him I place those worries in Gods hands.

Week 10 is a new week and a fresh slate! It’s also already March-whaaaaat?! I’m ready to start this month on the right foot-by taking it one step at a time towards achieving my goals. With a new month in front of us- sit down and take a second to make your monthly goals. Look back over the last month and see what areas in life you want to work on. I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Thank you for supporting my passion and following my journey.

Truly yours,


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