Illinois Half-Marathon Training:Week 8

Ohh boy do I have lots to tell you guys!! It’s week 8 of training-aka I’ve officially committed to this journey for 2 WHOLE months!! Coming from the girl who never finishes anything, we are getting closer and closer to that being in my past!! All the exclamation marks in the world wouldn’t be enough to show you just how excited and happy I am with life right now. Drum roll please….

This week I became a Coach!

I had been IG creepin girls in the fitness world for a while, looking for extra motivation to stay on top of my training. When you make a big scary leap in life it’s natural to want to surround yourself by others who have similar goals. More than anything I wanted to make new friends who were on the same journey towards having a healthier life. I stumbled upon my coaches profile and was in awe with how inspiring her posts were. I saw a lot of girls talking about being “health and wellness coaches” but I had no idea what that meant. Kelly’s page was full of personal experiences, motivating content, and encouragement. She stood out from all the other coaches because I was able to relate to her journey. So I hit that blue button, excited to have some extra daily inspiration! Before I knew it, Kelly was messaging me and asking about my personal journey! I immediately felt a bond and was able to open up to her. As we got to chatting Kelly filled me in on these 20 minute-flexible workouts that she was doing all from home! I had never committed to home workouts but was really looking to incorporate workouts to help me build my core to increase my endurance for my runs. We casually had a conversation about life and of course my personal fitness goals came up because I was in my first month of training for my half. My coach invested time into getting to know me as person! I just looked back at our conversation and it took me almost a whole month before I actually joined the community! That was a month full of asking endless question about the program. Not once did Kelly push selling to me or rush me into signing up. She genuinely cared about me as a person and what was best for me! After getting all the info, checking out all the resources-I was ready to go all in.


Before I even officially became a coach I began building my team. I knew that I had ten million things on my plate and the best way for me to be successful in this program would be by doing it alongside other women! I was so pumped about this journey that I literally couldn’t stop talking about it. Friends, family, co-workers- I was talking about this community all day everyday! There was a change in my outlook for life almost immediately.

I want to talk to you about my calling for a minute. My “where it all started” post explains how I found courage to start my blog journey. God told me at a young age, that my calling is to speak to others. I had launched my blog and knew that I was heading down the right path of using my calling. But I wanted more in life. I craved finding friends who I could connect with through similar interests. Health and fitness were at the center of my life after admitting my food addiction and starting to  train for my first half. When this health and fitness community found me, I truly believe it was a gift from God. God had sent me this beautiful gift of sharing my passion for life with other women who needed it. He dropped this awesome opportunity in my lap for me to empower women to take those big scary steps and make their dreams a reality. Like how freaking cool! God always has a plan even when we can’t see it. He is always behind the scenes paving the way to open new doors.

Okay lets talk about my race training(: This was week 8 of my training and I followed Week 6 of my training plan! I did pretty well with my runs this week. After freshly signing up as a coach I was filled with motivation! That energy really aided in holding myself accountable to getting to the gym and having successful runs. Over the weekend I went in for my big run and was determined to not only run 8 miles but to run my first 5 miles non-stop. That was a big scary goal but I knew my body was capable of it, that I just needed to keep my mental game on point. My new strategy was to bring a sweatshirt and cover up the face of the treadmill so I wouldn’t obsess about how long I’ve been running and keep the checking my distance. At this point I pretty well know how far I’ve ran based on how many songs I’ve listened too. I’ll tell myself “okay 3 more songs and then you can check your numbers”. I keep setting those small goals and it totally helps!

I’m so excited to continue my training journey alongside being a coach! This year has been full of so many beautiful blessing and I am so glad I get to celebrate them will you. Thank you for supporting my journey!

Truly Yours,


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