Illinois Half Marathon Training- Week

Week 7 is officially in the books! This week I started a new journey to focus on my nutrition. Back in November after recognizing my food addiction, I was ready to build a better relationship food. Since then I set personal goals to accompany my new lifestyle. Those goals included losing extra stomach fat and going down to a size small shirt!

When I say “build a better relationship” I mean my main goal was to not spend my days obsessing about food. No more driving around to fill my fix. No more binge eating my favorite foods as if that was the last time I’d ever get to eat them again. No more letting food have a control over my day. It was going to be a long process but I was all in! Over the next 3 months I kicked fast food to the curb. Not that I ate out all the time but I wanted to limit my exposure to obsessing over food that I was full of sugars and unknown ingredients. I also worked on portion control. Teaching myself to have a balance of all food groups versus heavy carbs taking over a majority of my diet.

It took so much self-disciple to not have endless servings of my favorites! I also started eating slower. I’m not sure if research backs this up but from my experience it has worked wonders! When I sit down for a meal I focus on a couple different things. My fork does not have to be attached to my hand-set it down multiple times! Your food is not going anywhere, no one is going to come up and steal your plate from in front of you. How many of you had siblings and during meal time you had to eat as quick as you could before all the food was gone? Honestly I think that thinking process is a huge factor to obesity. Because that sure was me! Especially when it came to the good ole hearty comfort food…give me it all! My methods to avoid this problem are honestly a tad ridiculous but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. When I cook a meal and will be sitting down and actually consuming it after I cook it(this doesn’t happen often because meal prep is life) before we eat, I’m sure to tell my boyfriend this is the proportion I get and this is how much you get…aka 2 pieces of pizza, or I’ll eat this much and want to have leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch. You guys think I’m kidding…I legit do this. Because if I don’t I will sit there and obsess about getting “enough food”.

With training for my half I needed more than just finding balance with nutrition. I still wasn’t seeing results as far as weight loss. Losing weight wasn’t my main focus but I knew if I could shed some fat and gain muscle I’d feel stronger for my runs. My friend who is training for the half with me suggested I go talk with her friend from 5 Star Nutrition and he’d help me get my nutrition on track. Thank goodness for friends who support you through it all! Once I got chatting with a team member there, I got so pumped to refocus my nutrition on fueling my body! We planned out what a typical day should look for my meals and even went over some tasty recipes. After I walked out I immediately went to the grocery store and went home to meal prep!

I have such a better outlook on how to give my body the food it needs. I’m already seeing results in how I feel and have shed some weight as well! With my nutrition on point, my workouts felt great. I did have some issues wish soreness this week but I realized that’s because I have a couple opportunities to work on. My running posture isn’t the greatest. I secretly want to have someone come videotape me while I’m running just so I can see what I really look like…any takers!?(; I know this because my neck has been super stiff. My shoulders and armpits have also been hurting because I clench up when my muscles are getting tired. It’s all part of the learning process but for real…how do you work on your form? I need to get better at foam rolling more consistently because I knew that will alleviate some of the pain I’m experiencing.

Exciting news- I ran 4 miles without stopping this week! My goal is to increase how many miles I run non stop during my big run, by one mile each week! With my body getting stronger each week I think I’m going to crush it! Setting small goals along my journey has led to great success so you should try it too(: As always thank you THANK YOU for continuing to follow my journey and supporting me!

Truly Yours,


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