Illinois Half Marathon Training: Week 4

IMG_8874Week 4 training is complete! I just realized that I haven’t included how exactly I’ve been following the training guide. In my photos tab you will find the training plan that I am using. The training plan is setup for 12 weeks but I am doing 16 weeks of training.

This is how my training has looked like over the past 4 weeks:

Week 1-followed week 1 plan

Week 2- I did a happy medium of week 1/week 2. Because I felt like week 1 was too easy to repeat but week 2 would be too difficult.

Week 3-I followed the Week 2 plan

Week 4- I followed the week 3 plan

For week 5-I will be repeating week 3 plan. After 5 week I believe that I won’t have to repeat any more. I’m not very good at math so feel free to double check that! Race day is April, 27th!

I also wanted to mention that if any fellow runners have tips or tricks that you’d like to share, please do! I’m constantly questioning myself whether I’m “doing this right” when it comes to my training. Especially with what to expect injury/mentally wise along the way.

So back to reflecting on week 4! Oh Happy Day- I completed a total of 14.5 miles this week. That is a ton! Mentally I can’t wrap my mind about that. But don’t worry my body won’t let me forget about it.

This week I got some new shoes! Which fingers crossed, they change my life. Because those bad boys weren’t cheap! My body was really telling me week 3, that I need more support to get through my miles. For the first time in I don’t know how long, my ankles and knees were killing. As in I had to walk short distances that I fully knew I was capable of running. So I hit up the local running shoe experts and got me a new pair of kicks.

I totally can tell the difference in the support they provide compared to my old ones. I was training in a pair of Nike’s that were super comfy but just weren’t cutting it for support. I’m now wearing Brooks Ravenna, which are for slim feet. They hug my foot in all the right places but aren’t too tight to where my feet feel miserable when they swell(which is pretty much always).

My body was hurting this week guys! I have started to experience runners knee. Runners knee is super common in athletes. Which I’m not surprised considering how much a majority of us put stress on those joints. My issue when it comes to runners knee is that my mental game isn’t as strong as it needs to be. I feel the tension in my knee and then comes the swelling…which leads me to messing with my pants because I hate how tight it feels. I’m sure I’m quite the sight to see while this whole process takes place! On top of the knee thing, I’m pretty sure I have Achilles tendentious. You see how fast that escalated!? Just call me Dr. Jerica…WebMD can freak you out!

Other than said “injuries” my runs felt pretty good! My body continues to get stronger and it’s really showing. My favorite day dream to think about while I’m running, is that I wake up one morning and have a clearly visible 4 pack! It will mostly likely never happen but I see muscles growing and it really gets me pumped to watch my body change! I continue to count my blessings that each day I get the opportunity to wake up and strive to crush my goals! How awesome it’s going to be to finally say-that I finished something for myself.

Truly Yours,


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