Training for the Illinois Half-Marathon: Week 3

I’m so happy that you’re here! Thanks for continuing to follow my journey! It’s been quite the week guys. I have decided that I may need to carry over my weekday sleep schedule over to the weekends as well. I was doing some math the other night and came to the realization that I will be progressively having to wake up earlier and earlier the further I get into my training, My weekly mileage will be climbing, which means the duration of my runs will also increase making my gym sessions longer. Which may be obvious but it’s just not one of those things you consider when you decided to start this journey.

I ended week 2 with an epic run! I’m talking drenched in sweat so bad that it makes you cold but grinning from ear to ear because you just crushed it. Going into the gym that day I had my mindset on completing my 4 miles no matter what . While knowing in the back of my mind that this was the longest distance I had ran in years, I was ready to put in the work. It turned out to be a super successful run with minimal walking! How great it felt to have week 2 in the books and finished with an awesome run.

IMG_2224I wish I could say that Week 3 started off just as good as week 2 ended. But that wasn’t the case. For the 2nd Monday in a row I couldn’t get myself out of the bed. I’m the furthest thing from a night owl, so it’s not like I was up partying all weekend. But after a full weekend of fun with friends my body was just exhausted. Those 3 glasses of wine sure did me dirty! I’m starting to realize how important consistency is to this process. If I decide to indulge in a steak dinner and a night full of snacks with wine, my body is going to feel it. It’s just hard to wrap my head around the fact that I have to be on my A-game all day everyday. Success doesn’t come easy for a reason, right? So I plan on limiting the late nights and kicking all alcohol to the curb until after race day. Be sure to check in on my progress because the wine-o in me will be battling!

As far as sleep goes, I’m closer to getting my routine down. My body naturally wants more sleep which is great! If I get into bed around my bedtime and my mind is still wandering I do my best to pinpoint what’s on my mind. A few months back I began to follow the no screen time 30 prior to bed. But I recently came at a crossroads with that agreement to myself. At night when I can’t sleep Iv’e found it beneficial to grab my phone and write about whatever topic my brain is wrapped around. I allow myself to get these thoughts out, that way I can relax to fall asleep. The past few nights it seems to be working. I feel as though as long as I restrict myself from scrolling through social media and only allow myself to use screen time in bed for writing, I should be good. As a rule breaker I always seem to find a way around even the rules I set for myself…funny how that works, right(: Stay tuned for next week’s adventures!

Truly yours,

Jer ❤

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