Your success deserves to be celebrated!


“Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise”. If you haven’t heard people say this quote or seen this quote around, I’d like to shed some light on it. I’m going to start of by saying at one point this idea of keeping your success silent, was a concept l had been brainwashed to believe. My heart hurts for the girl I was at that time.

I used to believe that it wasn’t okay for me to share my success with others. When I was first trying to lose all of the extra weight I had gained from college, I felt obligated to keep my journey to myself. People would complain on social media about others sharing gym pictures and I didn’t want to be that person. After I had lost a big chunk of weight and started gaining muscle, I wanted celebrate my wins with others. I had worked my butt off to get healthy but didn’t feel like I had accomplished much. So I said heck with it and decided to share my progress pictures. I was amazed with the support others showered me with! It felt so great for my progress to be recognized and to know that my hard work was indeed paying off.

Girls just want to have fun!

The logic behind this quote makes my stomach hurt. It makes me hurt for those out there doing everything they can to push themselves but are too afraid to share their story because society is telling them to keep it to themselves. You guys that’s such a hurtful vision to think about! How many of you, regardless of the task, feel motivated when you have others cheering you on? How many of you can turn that treadmill up to the next speed because you can see the faces of your loved ones waiting at the finish line?

I fully understand we are all motivated differently. But why do we shame those who need the support of others to keep fighting? Those people who are posting selfies at the gym, sharing their struggles, or celebrating crushing goals, they need support to keep going. They are looking for others to encourage them to continue their journey. How do I know this, because I am one of them.

There are days I wake up and struggle to even make it out of bed. I also have days where I drive all the way to the gym and sit in the parking lot longer than my actual workout takes. This thing called life is exhausting y’all. Each and everyday is a fight for some people. So how dare people sit there and tell others to be silent! That lights a fire in me… And I’m not one to typically get angry.

If you are that girl, afraid to post on social media in fear that others will judge you, hear me out. There will always be people trying to bring others down. Be proud of all the hard work you are putting in! You are working your booty off and deserve to celebrate. Share your story with the world! Or if it took a whole package of your energy beans and pre- workout to get you to the gym but you still made it there, tell us about it. We are here to support one another through it all. That turd throwing judgement will scroll past your post and move on with their day. Don’t let their 5 seconds of judgment take away your courage.

Truly Yours,

Jer ❤

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